In Episode 113 of the Wandering But Not Lost Podcast, co-hosts Matt Emerson and Jan O’Brien welcome back David Squier and they continue their conversation on the current market conditions and why it is vitally important that you stay on top of the stats and stay positive.  It’s time to lead.  In Wandering Zen, Matt chats with special guests, Maia & Lucas, about how they are coping and living in the pause.





Today we continue the conversation on the ever-changing landscape of real estate during the global pandemic and share thoughts and success stories from the field.  We’ll also talk about why now, more than ever, knowing the market stats is a vital part of becoming the trusted advisor that your clients need so badly right now.


About Our Guest – David Squier

David is actually two people in one. One David is a fun-loving, engaging people person. The other David is a fanatic for statistics, organization, and technology. Good thing, too. That combination of an easy-going manner and relentless attention to detail is what separates an average agent/coach from a great one. Transactions run smoother. Buyers are happier. Sellers are happier. Everyone wins.

David is an accomplished real estate coach, trainer, and speaker, With over 28 years of real estate experience, he has excelled in all levels of the real estate industry including top-producing mega team leader, broker-manager, owner-broker, and business coach.  David has a natural ability and passion for coaching, training, mentoring & business development and has consistently guided people to the breakthrough moment in their careers.  This has allowed him to grow his Las Vegas sales team for so many successful years as well as training, coaching & consulting others to success.

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COVID-19 has turned our way of life upside down.  Adapting to the new normal is a process and everyone goes through it just a little bit differently.  Today on Wandering Zen we get the perspective from Maia and Lucas, two awesome kids whose high school experience has dramatically shifted.  They chat about sheltering-in-place and some of the things that they do to pass the time and stay connected to their friends.



Maia (17) & Lucas (15) are native Southern Californians whose lives, in many ways, have been paused in the wake of COVID-19 across the globe.  I’ll turn it over to them to give you a bit more background…  Lucas –  “Knowing French, my mom taught both me and my sister the language at a young age, and now I’m bilingual. I used to go to a French American school in LA, and then a different one in La Jolla, but in 7th grade, I transitioned into a fully American public school. Now, in high school, I’ve become fully accustomed to the regular American schooling system, as well as the culture that goes with it. I’m in band, which I recommend everyone joins since it has personally made my school life really great and I’ve made and lost many friends throughout the years. Currently, with social distancing in full effect, the regular occupations and events that I take part in along with most others are suddenly not doable. I find that I make a decent example of how the average fifteen-year-old deals with being trapped indoors for a very long time.”   Maia’s path throughout has paralleled Lucas’ and she adds, ” I miss all of my friends and I really miss Drama and being in shows (I do costumes!).  I’ll be disappointed if I miss the beginning of my senior year because of covid19.”

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