In Episode17 of the Wandering But Not Lost Podcast, co-hosts Matt Emerson and Jan O’Brien discuss content ideas for creating videos or Facebook live videos. In the Reach Your Peak segment, they share strategies for getting more listings in a low inventory market. In Wandering Zen, Matt takes you on a 7-Day Grand Road Trip starting in Las Vegas, catching 2 national parks in Utah and the Grand Canyon in AZ.



Taking a destination and reimagining how you get there can add some incredible extras to your vacation, and don’t forget the memories that will last a lifetime. Be Forever Wandering But Not Lost! Click To Tweet

Key Points/Takeaways

WBNL 52 Tip –  Video Content Ideas

At WBNL Coaching, we embrace and highly recommend using video in your overall business and marketing plan. Video is a game changer and you can truly stand apart from your competitors with consistent and quality videos.  Enhance your brand and make your mark as a local real estate market expert with more video!

  • Use your camera on your mobile phone
  • Facebook Live (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube all have live options)
  • Studio setup with a professional camera / green screen
  • Hire a local videographer

Here are 10 Content ideas for video:

  1. Local Market Updates
  2. Neighborhood tours
  3. Local Business Spotlight
  4. Open House invitation
  5. Live open house tour
  6. Behind the scenes at a home inspection or walkthrough
  7. Client testimonial & interview
  8. Market update for your farm
  9. New business or restaurant opening
  10. Community spotlight (parks, recreation, museums, entertainment, sports)

Read the full blog post  –  44 Video Content Ideas

Reach Your Peak – Six strategies to get More Listings

    • Current market conditions
    • Series on preparing and selling a home
    • What you do to effectively market a listing, negotiate a sale and close
    • Client Testimonials
  2. Your Database
    • Your sphere of influence & past clients
    • How often are you connecting with your database?
    • Are you actively asking for referrals? (Who do you know…)
  3. I may have a buyer for your home

Dear [Homeowner Name],
I’m currently working with a buyer who’s been unable to find a home in your area. Your home has many of the features my buyer finds desirable. If you have any interest in selling your home, I would be more than happy to arrange a one-party showing of your property.   Please contact me at (XXX) XXX-XXXX to discuss.

4. Online profiles and client reviews (Zillow,,,

5. Get an Automated Home Valuation System

  • (Market Snapshot, Home Value Leads, Your Lead Gen Website System, etc.)
  • Create a landing page with a unique URL (
  • Add all of your past clients on this monthly neighborhood market update
  • Send to new Seller Leads
  • Include the Landing Page URL on all of your Marketing – especially Farming mailouts

6. Farming

  • Geographical – consistency; neighborhood updates
  • Niche (Divorce specialist; Short Sales)
  • Professional (Attorneys, CPA’s/Tax professionals)
  • Surname Farm. Get your title marketing rep to pull a list of homeowners in Clark County that have the same or similar (spelled differently. i.e.) last name as you.
  • Hometown Farm – have your title rep pull a list of homeowners with current mailing addresses in your “hometown” Send an introduction letter making the hometown connection and then follow up with a monthly market update.

Read the full blog post with additional strategies for listings: 15 Strategies to Get More Listings

Wandering Zen – A Grand Road Trip

Wandering But Not Lost Matt Emerson Zion National Park


As you might know, if you follow our blog, this Wanderer loves a road trip.  Recently, I was getting my haircut and my stylist mentioned that she was planning a trip to the Grand Canyon and asked for some tips.  I immediately jumped on that by suggesting that she turn her original idea into a grander experience, which includes 2 additional National Parks that are the lower steps on America’s Grand Staircase.  This trip will encompass 8 days, however, you can add a couple more on to either end since we’ve chosen Las Vegas as the starting and end point.  Viva la Grand Canyon!

Day 1 – Hit the Road

Day 2 – Hike Zion 

Day 3 – Drive to Byrce

Day 4 – Hike the Hoodoos

Day 5 – Drive to the Grand Canyon

Day 6 – The Big Hike

Day 7 – Recuperation Time

Day 8 – Head Home

Taking a destination and reimagining how you get there can add some incredible extras to your vacation, and don’t forget the memories that will last a lifetime.  Be Forever Wandering But Not Lost!

Head on over to to read the full blog post:  A Grand Road Trip

Wandering But Not Lost Matt Emerson The Grand Canyon


Las Vegas, NV

Zion National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park

North Rim, Grand Canyon, AZ

South Rim, Grand Canyon, AZ

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