In this episode, we interview real estate coach and agent team leader, David Squier of Keller Williams in Las Vegas about his keys to success in building a real estate team.  In our WBNL 52 tip of the week, we discuss how to access and use our content marketing calendar to plan your marketing, social media and more in 2018.  David also joins us in our Wandering Zen segment to share his experiences wandering Nevada.


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Key Points & Takeaways

WBNL 52 Tip – 2018 Marketing Calendar

  • Use a content marketing calendar to plan your major events, promotions, campaigns, types of content and social media for the year.
  • Read our full blog post and get the Marketing Calendar 2018 Marketing Calendar  (Free Download)

Reach Your Peak – Interview with David Squier

About Our Guest – David Squier

David is actually two people in one. One David is a fun-loving, engaging people person. The other David is a fanatic for organization and technology. Good thing, too. That combination of an easy-going manner and a relentless attention to details is what separates an average agent from a great one. Transactions run smoother. Buyers are happier. Sellers are happier. Everyone wins.

David is an accomplished real estate coach, trainer and speaker, With over 28 years of real estate experience, he has excelled in all levels of the real estate industry including top-producing mega team leader, broker-manager, owner-broker, and business coach.  David has a natural ability and passion for coaching, training, mentoring & business development and has consistently guided people to the breakthrough moment in their careers.  This has allowed him to grow his Las Vegas sales team for so many successful years as well as training, coaching & consulting others to success.

If you can’t reach David at any given time, he’s probably spending it with his two daughters (Abby and Madelynn) and his Fiancé Tiffany.

Connect with David Squier (702-278-3580) on LinkedIn,


David’s Agent Team Building Strategies & Keys to Success

  • Implement your core real estate and business systems
  • Common mistake is to grow too fast – before you have the skey systems and personnel in place
  • Create a team operations manual – leverage your team members to help write specific procedures
  • Create Leverage with proper team building strategies
  • Ensure you have excellent job descriptions and checklists for your team members
  • Your Hiring Strategy and Process is critical – be slow to hire and quick to fire. (Look for a future episode with David to discuss our detailed hiring process)
  • Advice on team structure including commission sharing and comp plans


Wandering Zen – Wandering Nevada

Mammoths, lions and camels once roamed along wetlands just north of what is now known as Las Vegas, Nevada. Their history is preserved at Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument and is ready to be discovered.


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