In Episode24 of the Wandering But Not Lost Podcast, co-hosts Matt Emerson and Jan O’Brien launch a series on blogging for business starting with a tip on how to know if blogging is for you.  In Reach Your Peak, they cover six reasons to consider maintaining a blog for your business. In Wandering Zen, we kick off summer with our annual ‘Best of Lists’.  From the most anticipated books of summer to a complete list of state fairs, we have you covered for a little fun, fun fun, in the sun, sun, sun!


Key Points/Takeaways


WBNL 52 Tip –  Is Blogging For You?

Blogging is not for everyone! It requires dedication and commitment … and your most valuable resource … your time.  Before you even consider starting a blog, ask yourself these fundamental questions:

  • Do you enjoy writing?
  • Do you have something to say? To contribute?
  • Can you provide compelling, valuable content for readers?
  • Are you willing to be yourself, be transparent and let your voice be heard…by the world?
  • Are you committed to writing and posting fresh content at least weekly?
    There are many, many abandoned blogs in the blogosphere.  It’s pointless to start a blog if you are not willing to commit the time and effort to keep it current.
  • Do you read other blogs?  Are you familiar with who is saying what about your industry, market, niche, or interest?
  • Have you checked on the competition in your area?  Who is blogging and what are they saying?
  • How can you differentiate yourself from other blogs?

If the answers to the above are YES, then blogging may become your secret weapon for lead generation, online presence and becoming an authority and influencer in your market

Should you outsource blog posts or use a ghost writer? 

  • Blogging is more effective when it’s a reflection of you and in your voice!
  • Only posts to out source should be standard content like a featured listing, home tips, etc.
  • Do you have a team?  Encourage your team members to curate content and contribute to the team blog.
  • Invite Guest Bloggers to diversify your content! Ask your Vendor Partners to contribute content that will inform and educate your target audience. (loan officer, escrow, title, home warranty, home inspector, insurance agent)


Reach Your Peak – Six Reasons To Blog

There are many good reasons to create and maintain a blog… these are our top six:

  1. Relatively easy and cost-effective web solution
  2. Create higher search engine rankings
  3. Build a community
  4. Position yourself as a niche market/industry/local market expert
  5. Enhance your marketing and branding
  6. Generate leads


Wandering Zen – The Best of Summer 2018



Summer conjures up memories from the past.  Sights, sounds, smells, and thoughts of time spent with family and friends, with a good book, listening to music, going to the beach, and relaxing with a cool drink.  Summer 2018 is upon us so it’s time to make some new memories and we have provided you with a little help to get you jump-started.  Get up, get out, and enjoy the warm and carefree months ahead!  For additional inspriation for your summer enjoyment, go to

Click the Images Below to Plan Your Summer Escapes! 


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