In Episode 27 of the Wandering But Not Lost Podcast, co-hosts Matt Emerson and Jan O’Brien discuss how important it is to know your ‘WHY” when it comes to building a team. In the Reach Your Peak segment, they have a conversation with licensed therapist Loreen O’Brien about simple techniques to reduce anxiety and stress. In Wandering Zen, Matt takes you on a journey behind the doors of the Timberline Lodge.

Key Points/Takeaways


WBNL 52 Tip – Know your “WHY” for Team Building


We work with a variety of teams at WBNL Coaching. Teams, by our definition, can be simply a solo agent with an assistant and everything in between including the mega/expansion team with hubs in multiple markets. Today, we want to share an initial essential process for any successful business.. KNOWING YOUR WHY.

If you haven’t seen Simon Sinek’s powerful Ted Talk entitled “Start with why — how great leaders inspire action”… watch it! Even if you have seen it, we encourage you to watch it again!  Simon states that “your WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you.”

First, you must DISCOVER YOUR WHY, Then How and WHAT.

Some questions to ask yourself and get you started on defining or refining your WHY:

▪ Why are you doing what you do?

▪ What really excites you about your current career?

▪ What does a great day look like?

▪ What does success look like beyond the commission or paycheck?

▪ What does real success feel like for you?

▪ How do you want to feel about your impact on the world when you retire?

Check out this Article for more help on discovering your purpose, passion and WHY: 12 Signs that You Are Living Your Passion & Life Purpose

Once you have complete clarity about your WHY, you can then work on the what you do and how you do it.  This includes building your brand and marketing messages to finding and aligning with the right clients and people for your team.

Reach Your Peak – Yes… You Can Calm Anxiety!


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Check out her website at Free Soul Academy 

A Message from our Guest-  Loreen O’Brien

Loreen OBrienIn case you are not already familiar with me, I am Loreen O’Brien. I’ve had a 20-year career that includes working as a middle school teacher, hospital and hospice chaplain, and for the past several years as a licensed mental health counselor in private practice where I specialize in helping folks overcome anxiety. There are many great techniques available that calm anxiety and I am passionate about teaching these to the people I work with so they can break through the limiting effects of anxiety and live the more fulfilling lives they hoped for.

Throughout my early life, I too struggled with not knowing how to manage anxiety. This is what has propelled me to get advanced training in this area. I’ve recently decided to teach these tools outside the setting of my private practice, making them available to even more people and especially to those who may not be able to afford the cost of private therapy. I am currently creating online courses and calling the program Free Soul Academy. Courses will be available this Fall.

In the meantime, please consider joining my Facebook Group or reading my Free Soul Academy Blog to continue learning ways to get beyond the trap of anxiety.

Peace and Calm to you,

Wandering Zen


Behind the Doors at the Timberline Lodge


Some of my favorite places to wander are the historic lodges of the National Parks and Forests. If you are looking for classic ‘Parkitecture’ at its very best, look no farther than the Timberline Lodge on the slope of Mt. Hood in Oregon.  The lodge design, artistry and woodwork combine to create a fantastic space.  The perfect place to curl up with a book on a breezy summer night or cold winter evening.  One of the lodge’s cinematic guests got cabin fever here while maintaining it for the winter.  He eloquently wrote, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.  During your visit, you can toast to Babe, the Blue Ox, and explore the mountain on foot or by skis.  Located a mere hour and a half from Portland, the Timberline should be on your itinerary on your next trip to the area.

Matt Emerson Wandering But Not Lost Wandering Zen Timberline Lodge

The front entrance and balcony

This National Historic Landmark sits at an elevation of 5,960 feet, within the Mount Hood National Forest and is accessible through the Mount Hood Scenic Byway.  Built during the Great Depression, the Timberline not only provided much need employment but also provided a retreat for the ever-growing population of Portland and the Pacific Northwest.  It was constructed from 1936 to 1938 by the Works Progress Administration, the largest and most ambitious American New Deal agency, employing millions of people to carry out public works projects, including the construction of public buildings and roads.

Matt Emerson Wandering But Not Lost Wandering Zen Timberline Lodge

The lodge from the back looking south

Costs were minimized by the skillful use of recycled materials. Women wove draperies, upholstery, and bedspreads, and hooked rugs which were made from strips of old Civilian Conservation Corps camp blankets. Discarded cedar utility poles became newel posts with their crowns hand-carved into birds, bears, and seals. Fireplace screens were fashioned from tire chains. Andirons and other ironwork were forged from old railroad tracks. WPA workers used large timbers and local stone from the site. Timberline Lodge was dedicated September 28, 1937, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  The WPA even made a wooden chair with arms for the president to use during his stay.  The chair style of the other lodge chairs didn’t have them – this allowed Roosevelt to maneuver more easily.

I am here to dedicate the Timberline Lodge and I do so in the words of the bronze tablet directly in front of me on the coping of this wonderful building:

Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood National Forest dedicated September 28, 1937, by the President of the United States as a monument to the skill and faithful performance of workers on the rolls of the Works Progress Administration.

Franklin D. Roosevelt 

The Timberline’s Ornately Carved Finials

Recreation on the mountain 365 days a year…

The ski area at the Timberline Lodge is one of the only places in the United States that offers year-round skiing. You can take advantage of the views even if you are not hitting the slopes by taking the ski lift for a round trip or one way and wandering down the mountain at your own speed. The views on your walk down are amazing and well worth the steps!

Matt Emerson Wandering But Not Lost Wandering Zen Timberline Lodge

Here’s Johnny!

The Stephen King thriller, The Shining, had its film debut in 1980 directed by Stanley Kubrick and The Timberline Lodge was used as the Overlook Hotel for the exterior design, the interior shots were created through inspiration from the Ahwahnee Hotel

Matt Emerson Wandering But Not Lost Wandering Zen Timberline Lodge


(Majestic Yosemite Hotel) and Stephen King wrote the novel at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park in the Rocky Mountain.  If you’re a fan, you’ll remember the hotel immediately and although the familiarity ends when you pass the threshold of the entrance it still conjures the emotions.  Of course, they do play to Shining fanboys and fangirls.  If you ask politely, they just may let you pose with an ax!

More artistry in and around the Timberline

Matt Emerson Wandering But Not Lost Wandering Zen Timberline Lodge

Babe can be a challenge to locate

From the Timberline website: Once you find the Blue Ox Bar, you’ll find it hard to leave. Cozily tucked away just behind the main lobby, it’s a favorite hole-in-the-wall watering hole steeped in history. In 1937, when the lodge was nearly finished,

Matt Emerson Wandering But Not Lost Wandering Zen Timberline Lodge


someone noticed there was no bar. Improvising architects altered a wood storage area into the Blue Ox Bar. Restored glass mosaic murals illustrate the well-known Paul Bunyan—and his beloved blue ox, Babe—legend. The bar menu features hand-tossed pizza and other delectable snacks, Mt. Hood Brewing Co. microbrews, and seasonal cocktail offerings including “Honstein’s Dancing on the Bar Again”, our bourbon cocktail on tap.

Open Daily

11:00am – 8:00pm

Did You Know?

If you are old enough to remember the Pee-Chee folder you are in for a treat.  Who would have thought that those stylized sporty folks that dawned the covers of the folders where actually real people?!?  Well, the beautiful snow bunny on the ski lift was a shot taken right there at the Timberline Ski Area.  Now you know!


Matt Emerson Wandering But Not Lost Wandering Zen Timberline Lodge

R.L.K. and Company


The hotel is rustic and cozy, with a wide variety of room choices, many with multiple beds for families.  There are a handful of King rooms with fireplaces.  We were lucky to book one of these on our last visit with a beautiful view of the Cascade Range to the south.  We also had the fortune to meet up with the hotel historian and she gave us a great tour of the facility.  During our visit with her, she mentioned that the room that we were staying in was at one time the permanent suite for Richard Kohnstamm, who was operating the lodge at the time (his family still operates the facility with care & respect).  It was awesome being in the space where he’d entertain guests and dignitaries.  The lodge has an indoor pool, sauna, laundry facilities and free wifi, as well.

To wrap up our Timberline travel log, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the St. Bernards, Heidi and Bruno. St. Bernards have been a part of Timberline’s traditions since 1937 when Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated the lodge. The first Timberline St.Bernards were reportedly Hansel and Gretel, and then Lady and Bruel.  Although many dogs have played this important role, each is a welcome sight to arriving guests.

Wandering the Historic Lodges of America is a wonderful way to really get the true essence of the time, people, and spirit of an area.  The magnificent structures are priceless and bring a wealth of history to the national landscape.  Be forever Wandering But Not Lost

Timberline Lodge, OR

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