In Episode 51 of the Wandering But Not Lost Podcast, co-hosts Matt Emerson and Jan O’Brien kick of the second year of the podcast with a helpful tip to engage with your clients and stay connected.  In Reach Your Peak, they discuss why it is more important than ever to truly own your online presence with an overview of the 6 primary sites to get reviews and how to fine-tune your Zillow & profiles.  In Wandering Zen, they ring in the new year with why getting up and getting out may be one of the most important strategies that you need to put into your daily plan.


Key Points & Takeaways


WBNL 52:  Connect with this Valuable Tax Tool

Closing Statement Client Connection

Follow these easy steps to make this a seamless and annual follow-up to all of the clients who closed a transaction with you in the previous year.

  1. Download this WBNLCoaching_SetlementStatementLetter (word document) and make any revisions to suit your style and add customization such as your letterhead, signature block with key contact information and calls to action.
  2. As part of your post-closing action plan, make a copy of the Closing Settlement Statement.
  3. Bonus step – print out the letter with your client’s information and file with the closing statement, address the envelope and keep it somewhere safe.
  4. During the first week of January (or even last week of December), pull out the file folder with all of your pre-addressed and stamped envelopes and mail them the first week of January.
  5. Make a follow-up phone call 5-7 days after mailing to ensure your client received the mailer.  As always, don’t forget to ask for a referral!

Reach Your Peak:  Own Your Online Presence & Get More Client Reviews – Part 1


Key Sites to Get Client Reviews, Ratings & Testimonials:

  • LinkedIn
  • Business Facebook Page
  • Google My Business (formerly Places/Google Maps)
  • Your Website

Profile Tips

Here are some tips to follow when you create your profiles on the various platforms.

  • Be consistent with your User Name
    • The best choice is your actual name! If your name is not available, then add something to the end of your name and be consistent with that across the profiles. For example: janobrienlv, janobrienre
    • You can find out what user names are taken or available still by using a site like Namechk  
    • Use a professional photo (head shot)
  • For Listing Portals – use the same email you use for MLS so your listings will synch properly with the platform
  • Create a Word Doc with all the common profile content (use your completed LinkedIn profile)
  • Complete all available areas of your profile
  • Get testimonials and recommendations

Create an account (make sure to check the box “I am a landlord or industry professional)

Agent Hub – Profile. Then select edit and complete the Profile and About Me sections

Load any past sales

Go to these articles for a step-by-step guide on setting up and optimizing your profile:

Here are our tips and key takeaways.

  1. Claim Your Profile OR Login to your Account and enhance your profile:HERE
  2.  Profile tips
  • Add your professional headshot
  • Add a custom Cover photo
  • Add all the cities and zip codes you service.  Think of it as optimizing your profile for the agent search on
  • Your BIO– make this inviting and personable; write it in the first person

Wandering Zen: Why Wandering is Key to Your Daily Action Plan

Wandering Zen


We are always touting that getting up and getting out is critical to your health and well being.  Today we are going to take that a step farther and stake claim that adding a bit of wandering to your daily action plan will improve your success in business and create the work-life balance that may have been eluding you.

You have been hearing about the benefits of getting up and getting out all of your life.  Physical activity is linked to longevity, weight control, relief from chronic pain and conditions, and that is just to name a few.  So clearly, we should all be doing it.  Yet many, or dare I say, most of us are not.  If the health benefits aren’t giving you the motivation to start adding an exercise routine to your daily action plan, then perhaps a financial reason might encourage you to do so.  Not only does a daily dose of wandering improve your health, but it also improves your mind and your ability to fire on all cylinders.  Here are just a few of the reasons that wandering will give your career a boost…

Your Creative Juices Start to Flow 

When you wander daily, your creativity increases. It not only gets your body moving, but it also wakes your brain up. The old saying that you should “sleep on it” before making a major decision, may not be the best advice.  Taking a walk may produce better results. Walking opens the flow of ideas, therefore increasing creative thinking.

Walking and other types of mild exercise stimulate neural connectivity and plasticity in the hippocampus in the brain.

Philosophers and other writers have found that there is an intuitive connection between walking, thinking, and writing. Because wandering does not take much thought, our attention is free to wander and think. This is the mental state that is linked to innovative ideas and insight.

It Gives You Time to Think

Walking gets you outside and gives you time to think. You can mute your cell phone, and get away from TVs, computers and other distractions. You have time to think through the activities of the day, issues you needed solutions for, and more.

Many people take a walk just to get away from everything so they can think and chill out. When you are walking, your mind can get quiet, so answers to problems have a chance to come into view.

An Attitude Adjustment is Often Welcome

Daily wandering is helpful for lifting a person’s mental attitude. It can give you a few minutes to clear the cobwebs in your head, through breathing in fresh air and connecting with the environment.

Lower Your Stress

I know that we would all agree that stress levels seem to be at an all-time high.  The list of things to think about and deal with is long, and it is easy to feel like you are overwhelmed.  Research has shown that getting up and out for as little as 20 minutes a day can reduce mental stress.

A Workout for Your Brain

Exercise helps the brain protect memory and the ability to think clearly. A study done at the University of British Columbia found that regular aerobic exercise boosts the size of the hippocampus.  This is the part of the brain involved in verbal memory and learning.  The parts of the brain that control thinking and memory are larger in people who exercise versus those who don’t.  If you have not been exercising at all, starting a regular walking program can help increase your brain size, so it’s never too late to start.

It Boosts the Immune System

Daily wandering can help boost your immune system. Recent studies show that if you exercise regularly you can reduce the number of colds you have each year. Doctors report that regular exercise can support your immune system by strengthening the cells that attack bad bacteria in your body. To get this benefit, the walking needs to be done every day.  Who couldn’t use a few less sick days each year.

It Allows You Time to Meditate

If you like to meditate, walking is a good time to do it. You can put meditation tapes in your iPod and meditate while you walk. By doing this, you can knock two things out at the same time.

Improves Your Memory

Regular daily walking is a form of exercise that can increase the size of your brain. It increases the hippocampus, which is the area used for memory.  You don’t need to do pounding exercises either; a brisk daily 30 to 40-minute walk is all you need.

As we age, our memory sometimes begins to slow down. Plus, in today’s information age, we have more things to remember. To get rid of your brain fog and be able to rely on your recall ability, get out and walk each day.  A fast-paced walk can wake your brain, from its deep slumber. You will be able to recall events more quickly and remember things a lot easier.

Enjoy a Better Outlook on Life

When you are active for at least 30 or 40 minutes a day, your body will release chemicals, endorphins that help improve your mood. They send signals to your brain that you feel good, along with other neurotransmitters.

If you feel good, your outlook on life will improve.  Daily walking will reduce the levels of cortisol in your body. This is a hormone linked to causing stress and bad moods. Reasonable exercise will improve the way you feel. This can help you feel more positive about life and about yourself.


Improves Your Social Life

Many people claim to have met new friends and neighbors by regularly taking a daily walk. Meeting new people and making new friends has a definite benefit to your overall health and enjoyment of life. It improves your mental attitude and helps reduce isolation.  Of course, what would any coaching tip be if it didn’t circle back to the most important item on your action plan each day – PROSPECTING.  Wandering enables you to double your benefits!


We are hoping that we have convinced you that you must add this tactic to your daily action plan.  The benefits will certainly help your health but the side-effects will also certainly help you focus and thrive in your business as well.  I’d say that is a combination that you must not ignore.  Here’s to Wandering!

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