In Episode 67 of the Wandering But Not Lost Podcast, co-hosts Matt Emerson and Jan O’Brien welcome back Juan and Claudia, founders of the Matilde Agency, to discuss what role social media is playing in today’s landscape and where it may go in the not so distant future.  In Wandering Zen, Matt serves up some options if you find yourself in Orange County and are looking for something to do outside of the theme parks.


WBNL 52:  Social Media is Dying – Or Is It?



We are always delighted to have Juan and Claudia back in the WBNL Podcast Studio.  Today, we discuss the face of social media in today’s world and a few tips on what and how to use it to your advantage as a small business owner.  

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Wandering Zen – The OC – More than Disneyland & Housewives!


Wandering Zen The OC - More than Disneyland & Housewives!


Ah, the OC.  It’s very well known for The Happiest Place on Earth, the housewives, and its politics, however, there is much more to this little California county and on your next visit you may want to add a day or two to your itenerary to discover the other great places to wander in Orange County.


Oh, and btw, I’ve been a resident of Orange County for decades and the very first thing that I can tell you that no one that lives here calls it the OC.  You can blame Fox for that, and while we are talking nicknames, the political & economical tides have been turning here for years and we are no longer living behind the Orange Curtain!   PHEEW.  Now that I have that little cathartic PSA out of the way – let’s wander…

Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, The Los Angeles Angels (WTF?!?!) and the Ducks are all great reasons to visit and certainly are all a destination in themselves. I bear no ill will and, frankly am a frequent participant, however, there is a huge line-up of destinations, some famous, some not-so-much that you should visit as well.  Here is our top 10 list of other things you need to see:

Crystal Cove State Beach – Newport Beach

This stretch of rugged cliffs and protected tidal pools is one of the best places to go to feel like you are a million miles away from the 16 million people in Southern California.  Not only is the beach beautiful, but the tide pools are incredible.  You can also enjoy some fun, food, and libations at the Beachcomber and the Bootlegger bar.  Oh, and don’t forget to grab a shake at Ruby’s on PCH.  This historic Shake Shack was around long before Ruby’s took over, but we are glad that the legend continues.  Prepare for a wait – day or night.

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Bowers Museum – Santa Ana

Founded in 1936 by the City of Santa Ana through a bequest from Charles and Ada Bowers, the Bowers Museum is one of California’s finest and Orange County’s largest museums.  Through the years it has rediscovered itself and is truly something to put on your list.  I had the fortune of seeing the Terra Cotta Warriors there when they were on tour back on 2008.  They will be back again in October of 2019 and you should not miss this installation, period, and an exclamation point.

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Ocean Institute – Dana Point

Here you can learn about the symbiotic relationship between Orange County and the ocean in an incredible atmosphere and location.  Their mission is to protect, educate, and entertain.  The institute is a frequent stop for schools throughout the county and it is most definitely a gem.

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Irvine Regional Park – Irvine

This park is up there with any regional park in the nation.  It may not have the glory of Central Park or Golden Gate Park but what it lacks in notoriety it makes up for in local history, family fun, and great local wilderness trails.

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Roger’s Gardens – Newport Beach

If you are a gardener or just enjoy lounging in one, then Roger’s Gardens will delight you.  Located in Newport Beach, it can at first seem a bit, well, Newport Beachie, although now that I write that, how is that any different than calling Orange County the OC?  I apologize and digress.  Roger’s Gardens is incredible and I’m actually going there this evening to purchase plants that attract butterflies that we are planting in my Sweet Pea’s schools garden.  They are very well known for their Halloween and Christmas displays which truly are an attraction themselves.

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Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum – Yorba Linda

I’m a true believer that no matter what your party affiliation, Presidencies matter.  With that said and with much irony, this may be the very best time to visit the library and museum of our 37th President.  The collection and presentation of his years in office are well done and it this should be on everyone’s agenda.  As with most libraries, there are rotating exhibitions so it gives you a reason to keep going back.  From April 29th – January 2020 they are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the historic moon landing.

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Mission San Juan Capistrano – San Juan Capistrano

If you are a child who went to elementary school in CA, this one is well known.  The mission at San Juan is probably most well-known for the yearly return of the swallows but there is so much more you will discover about the 240+ year history of this Orange County landmark on your visit.

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Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve – Huntington Beach

This place is a pro-tip hidden in plain sight and, quite frankly, not the very best of sights you will see – until you look closer (hmm, sound familiar?).  Their website says it best so I will let it speak for itself… Situated between the Pacific Coast Highway and active oil derricks, the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve appears at first glance to be more of a wasteland than a valuable wetland. However, these revered grounds are one of the best birding spots in the United States, attracting flocks migrating the Pacific Flyway between North and South America. Nearly 200 bird species are documented in Bolsa Chica each year, including many rare and endangered species.

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South Coast Plaza – Costa Mesa

Although the classic indoor shopping mall has been on the outs in California for decades this spectacular beauty in Costa Mesa is one of the nation’s very best.  From Sears to Saks and everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, in between you can find it here.  Unlike all of it’s now condemned contemporaries, South Coast Plaza stays relevant and up to date in fashion, food, and festivities.

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Segerstrom Center for the Performing Arts – Costa Mesa

The campus of the Segerstrom Center is vast and offers up a wide spectrum of opportunities from intimate theatre settings to an exquisite concert hall experience.  The touring national companies that play here are top notch and we often prefer them over their LA counterparts.  If you have time and their schedule peaks your interest – make it a part of your visit.

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Orange County has much more to discover, you can literally spend days exploring the beaches from Huntington to San Clemente, but we hope that we’ve given you just a few options away from the theme parks and sporting events.  We’re proud of our little county of 3 million here in So Cal.  Come here and be forever Wandering But Not Lost!

South Coast Plaza

Roger's Gardens

Irvine Regional Park

Ocean Institute

Bower's Museum

Segerstrom Center

Crystal Cove

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Nixon Library

Bolsa Chica Wetlands

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