In Episode 68 of the Wandering But Not Lost Podcast, co-hosts Matt Emerson and Jan O’Brien talk about new homes and how they are a bigger opportunity than you might think – and certainly not something you want to leave off the table for your buyers!  In Wandering Zen, they welcome back globe-trotters, Juan and Claudia to the WBNL Podcast Studio to chat about how wandering can improve your creativity and much, much more.


WBNL 52:  New Home Sales



  • It’s not a complicated sale!
  • New home models show great
  • New home sales agents are generally well-trained and good at helping convert the sale
  • Benefits to buyers
    • No one has ever lived in the home
    • Choosing upgrades and options to suit their needs and taste
    • Eco-Friendly; latest tech Energy-Efficient
    • Floor plan designs and options
    • Builder warranties


  • May be a higher price per sq ft than resale homes
  • Longer sales cycle
  • Not all builders pay a commission
  • Client may go to new home site and register with out you
  • All builders are not equal
  • Upgrades are not cheap!


Top Tips for Adding New Construction to Your Residential Toolkit

  1. Preview new home communities. Know the inventory, builder incentives, standing inventory and if the builder pays a commission       1.  New Home Source (Does your association or franchise have this new home tool?)

2.  Nevada, New Mexico –

  1. Meet and build relationships with onsite sales agents
  2. ALWAYS discuss new homes during the buyer consultation
    1. “Have you considered new homes?”
    2. Discuss why they need you as their agent – the on-site agent is representing the builder.
    3. Know the registration procedures for each builder. Can you register a client online?  Do you have to take them to the community and register them in person?  How long is the registration good for?
  3. Advertise new homes for lead generation (Get permission of the builder – use New Home Source listings)
    1. Social media – Facebook and Instagram ads
    2. Video tour of new homes
    3. Interview on-site agents
    4. Blog posts about new home community, builder spotlight

Also mentioned in this episode:

If you are in the Irvine, CA area and looking for a new home construction adventure, visit Altair

There are 29 models to wander and they range from 2,200 sq ft to over 6,500+ sq ft.  In this episode, we talked a bit about the homes in the Lumiere tract.   Incredible designs and state-of-the-art living spaces throughout these homes, even if they seem a bit over the top!

Wandering for Creativity

Juan and Claudia are back with us today to chat about how wandering helps promote creativity, wellness, romance, and a better quality of life.  They practice what they preach.  We invite you to listen to our globe trotting wanderers as they share their thoughts on the subject.




You can learn more about Matilde and contact Juan and Claudia by going to


Cathedral of Barcelona

Pearl Harbor, HI

Eiffel Tour, Paris

Times Square, NYC

Secluded Garden Estate

Anchorage, Alaska

Musée du Louvre

Florence, Italy

Havana, Cuba

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