In Episode 76 of the Wandering But Not Lost Podcast, co-hosts Matt Emerson and Jan O’Brien continue their series on how to move from being a Realtor into becoming a real estate business owner. We’ve discussed Operations and Marketing so far in this series.  Today the focus is on Sales.  In Wandering Zen, Matt returns to Disneyland to get some wandering inspiration while Soarin’ Over California.



WBNL 52:  Be a Real Estate Business Owner – Sales

We’ve discussed Operations and Marketing so far in this series.  Today the focus is on SALES.


The Four Pillars of Lead Generation

  • Your Database
  • Social Media & Online Lead Gen
  • Farming
  • Networking

3 Types of Lead Generation

  1. Referral
  2. Direct Connection (call, email, text, social media messaging, face-to-face)
  3. Inbound (call, email, text, direct message)

Leads can be PRO-ACTIVE or RE-ACTIVE

Converting your Leads into Sales – the 6 C’s

The first step is to generate leads through your proactive prospecting (cold calls, warm calls, door-knocking) and reactive marketing– (branded signs, advertising, direct mail, farming, etc.)

Always use a Call to Action that compels a prospective customer to take some sort of an action (complete a form, request a report, etc.); this allows you to capture their contact information.


  • Make the call as soon as possible, immediate response (less than 15 minutes) increases your chances of converting a lead
  • An initial welcome email, text – try a video intro!
  • Get your leads actively engaging with you across your online and social media platforms.


  • Automated drip email, text and call campaigns
  • Specific Action Plan for follow-up
  • Setup specific property searches using MLS or your personal website
  • CTAs in the email
  • Follow-up warm calls


  • Use the visitor search profile information
  • Refine searches
  • Close for appointments


  • Client for Life email campaigns
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Seasonal emails
  • Market condition reports
  • Birthday cards
  • Home Anniversary card

Provide An Exceptional Customer Experience

WOW your clients during the transaction!

  • Do you have an excellent Buyer & Seller Service Plan in place?
    • Series of emails/connections to share the milestones and actions needed during an escrow
      • Congratulations – you are in escrow! What’s next?
      • Home Inspection
      • Selecting Home Warranty
      • Review of Preliminary Title
      • Walkthrough, utilities setup or change
      • Closing appointment

Check out Client Giant Packages start at $349

    • Under contract gift
    • Boxes, Tape and moving supplies
    • Midway milestone surprise
    • Help with Forwarding of Address & Transferring utilities
    • Personalized GiftTurn buyers and sellers into raving advocates. Deliver an unprecedented experience during each transaction and keep you top of mind with clients for years to come. Your clients receive thoughtful, helpful, and relevant gifts and experiences all addressed from you.
  • Communicate regularly to update the status of the escrow

Getting More Client Reviews

  • Discuss the importance of review in the initial meeting
  • A reminder midway through the transaction
  • At closing let them know what to expect and how
  • Set up a campaign in your CRM with at least 5 touches to remind!

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Wandering Zen – Soarin’ Over California


We are back at the Disneyland Resort to experience an old friend that has made a return to the park – Soarin’ Over California.  This fan favorite takes you on a great adventure through the Golden State and is definitely an inspiration for some wandering.  Even though you feel like you’re there while on the attraction, each and every location is worth a visit on your next California road trip!


Before we start to wander, or soar over, California let’s take a quick look at what the attraction is all about.

Soarin’ Over California was an opening day attraction at Disney California Adventure which opened its gates on February 8, 2001.  It became an instant hit and remains one of the most popular attractions at the Disneyland Resort with long wait times and sold out fast passes early each day. Soarin’ Over California was replaced by a new experience, Soarin’ Over the World back in 2015, but it has been brought back, to the excitement of nearly every guest, for the Summer of 2019.  So if you’ve missed it since it left, now is your chance to soar over California once again!

The original attraction almost didn’t happen though.  The Imagineers had a tough time developing a screen and ride system that would envelop the guest while also being able to load and unload efficiently enough to reach the capacity that was needed for the attraction. As the story goes, Imagineer Mark Sumner was at home one day and was pondering a solution when he got out his old erector set and some string and began to tinker around with an entirely innovative new ride system.  He continued to tinker and ended up building a working model that he took back to Imagineering. The rest is history.  His design allowed Disney to efficiently load guests on one level instead of three, which was the way that it had been developed previously, thus cutting construction and labor costs greatly.

Each ride vehicle consists of three rows of seats under a wing-like canopy which is to resemble a hang glider.  Each of the 9 gliders holds 87 guests at a time. Once everyone is buckled in, the lights dim and the cantilever system lifts the modules forward and into the air with your feet dangling freely. You are lifted forward so that you are looking into a huge, concave movie screen. The attraction features an IMAX Laser 4K projection system. The result is really quite amazing and it really gives you the sensation of flight. The ride structure contains about one million pounds of steel, and 37 tons are lifted during each ride cycle. Truly incredible engineering – great job Mark!

To enhance the illusion of flight, subtle vertical movements of the seats are synchronized to the film. and, scents of oranges, pine and others are added to give you the feeling that you are right there!

Now that we’re airborne, let’s soar over California.


Click any of the links above to learn more about these great locations and get to work planning your next California road trip!

Golden Gate Bridge

Redwood Creek, Humbolt, CA

Napa Valley, CA

Monterey Bay Sanctuary

Lake Tahoe, CA

Yosemite Falls, CA

PGA West Palmer Course, La Quinta, CA

Camarillo, CA

Anza-Borrego, CA

USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) at Naval Air Station North Island in San Diego

Malibu Beach, CA

Downtown LA, CA

Disneyland, CA

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