In Episode 81 of the Wandering But Not Lost Podcast, co-hosts Matt Emerson and Jan O’Brien welcome Joslyn England from Fidelity National Title Company to the WBNL Podcast Studio.  Joslyn recently attended the Inman Connect conference in Las Vegas and joins us to decipher the noise from the nuggets!  In Wandering Zen, Matt celebrates the return of the iconic names to Yosemite National Park.



WBNL 52: Inman: Noise vs Nuggets




Joslyn England directs The England Team as the technology and marketing executive for Fidelity National Title in Las Vegas. Her experience in real estate lead generation and technology implementation extend to the real estate community through vlogging, educational events, and one-on-one coaching sessions. Joslyn has contributed to website, social media, and lead generation strategies for some of the leading brokerages and agents in Nevada.
Joslyn England
Fidelity National Title
Marketing and Technology Executive
You can reach Joslyn at

Key Takeaways

  • Biggest benefit to attending any conference is the networking opportunity with other agents and vendors!
  • Instagram – you don’t need 10,000 followers to get the “SWIPE UP” feature if you run and ad to Instagram Stories only.  
  • iBuyers is not going away – need to educate yourself and learn how to work with them
  • OpenDoor does want to work with agents and pays a 1% commission
  • Choose your social media platform and master it!  Know your target audience and what social channel they use and be on that platform
  • TEAMS – presenters discussed compensation structures, retention ideas and dealing with high turnover ratios.  Team members are looking for stability, value, leadership and support!!
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Wandering Zen – Yosemite Reclaims its Names



The battle has ended and Yosemite National Park reclaims its names.  Let’s take a quick look back at the journey over the past 3+ years…




Back on March 1st, 2016, Aramark became Yosemite’s new concessionaire and they took the reigns over the operations of the beloved and historic park lodging, dining, and shopping destinations.  They also inherited a lawsuit which was filed by the exiting concessionaire, Deleware North Company.  Seems as though that the DNC was respsonsible for trademarking many of the park’s iconic names and on March 1st utilizing these names would have been in breach. Because this case was actually filed in 2015 they knew they were up against the wall.  Swiftly, almost stleathly, the directional signs around the valley, the guide maps and brochures, and the building signage all converted to a new set of names that not only did not pay homage to the originals but felt like, well, they didn’t even try!

  • The Ahwahnee Hotel became The Majestic Yosemite Hotel
  • The Yosemite Lodge at the Falls converted to Yosemite Valley Lodge
  • Curry Village morphed into Half Dome Village
  • The Wawona Hotel was renamed the Big Trees Lodge

I believed at the time they didn’t put much thought into it because they always felt that the names would be returned.  It took another 3+ years and 12 million dollars for it to happen, but on July 15th the lawsuit was settled and almost immediately the unmasking of the old names began.  Social media went alive with shots around the park…

The 12 million dollar settlement was broken into the U.S. government paying $3.84 million and Aramark paying $8.16 million.  This was a long cry from the orginal demand of $50 million, but just a tad more than the $3 million that the NPS claimed the trademarks to be worth.

Settlement aside, this travologist was thrilled to see it all unfold that morning and I can’t wait until our next trip to Yosemite to see things back to normal.  I wrote a blog post that morning back in March 2016 and I haven’t gone back to check in on that since.  After rereading it just now, I had to applaud the 3 year younger me (HA).  I was pretty positive about the whole thing.  You can check it out if you’d like HERE.

Truth be told, during our next visit after the name change, I have to admit that it truly didn’t feel the same and I wasn’t nearly as positive about what had happened.  I did, however, believe that someday all would be right with the world once again -at least at Yosemite National Park.  Here’s to all the believers out there!


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Will this iconic sign reappear now that the names have been restored?

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