In Episode 88 of the Wandering But Not Lost Podcast, co-hosts Matt Emerson and Jan O’Brien remind you that the 4th quarter is the time to stay in business not get out of business.  The effort you put in during these last months of 2019 will pay off big in the new year.  In this week’s Zen, Matt is wandering and provides a quick aerial America view.



WBNL 52:  4th Quarter Success





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4th Quarter Success

What do you want to accomplish by the end of the year for your business?
Is there a personal goal you would also like to make happen by year’s end?

In this episode of the WBNL Podcast, we discuss what action you need to take today to make your 4th Quarter a total success and to set you up for an amazing start to 2020!

  • Identify your goal(s) to accomplish by 12-31-19
    1. Set the intention and focus for the 4th quarter
    2. How many listings, escrows are you going to have?
    3. Are you ready to take action on a personal goal (daily routine, exercise, eating habits, walking, etc.)

Take Action Daily

What activities are you committed to doing to accomplish your goal?

  • Open Houses working for you? Do 4 this week!
  • Networking events
  • Contact your database – make 5 connections per day
  • Plan and conduct a client gratitude party or event

Put 1-2 hours of power attraction (prospecting) in your calendar and Just do it! Keep that appointment with yourself and don’t let anything get in the way.  If you “erase, you must replace” it somewhere erase on your calendar that week.

 Affirm and Visualize daily your outcome

    1. Turn your goal into an AFFIRMATION (I close 3 transaction by 12-31-19; I attract 3 people this week who list or buy with me by 12-31-19; I connect with 5 people today who set an appointment with me for …)
    2. Start every single day with a powerful, positive daily routine that shifts your energy and mindset
    3. Visualize your goal throughout the day! When you pick up the phone to make calls, make sure you are in a positive state and set the intention that you are going to have amazing conversations with people who truly desire your services, what you have to offer.
My Goal and Action Plan for 4th Quarter Success:

Affirmation: I hire 27 productive and positive Agents to Home Connect America by 12-31-19

To make this goal a reality I commit to:

  • Following my daily routine
  • Scheduling /conducting a minimum of 5 interviews per week
  • Making 5 connections/conversations with agents 5 days per week
  • Blocking on my calendar one hour per day for follow-up with interviewees and agent database
  • Weekly coach tip / video for social media and mailing lists
  • Asking each HCA agent I come into contact with daily for referrals to other great agents
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Wandering Zen – A Quick Flight Over America



Today on Wandering Zen, I’m going to share a quick video.  Due to weather during a recent flight from SNA to ATL we flew a great deal of the way at 25,000 ft and that afforded me some incredible views that I often miss on this flight.  It always amazes me just how much of our country is wide open and so incredibly beautiful.  It’s clear that much of our total population is in the bigger cities and along the perimeter of the country.  My mind wandered and wondered how great it would be to be down on the ground hiking along, around and within any of the cliffs, canyons, rivers, lakes, prairies, farms and small towns that I was flying above.  The world is out there – go get it.

John Wayne International Airport

Jackson/Hartsfield International Airport

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