Welcome to the first episode of the Wandering But Not Lost Podcast!

Real Estate and Reality meet as co-hosts, Jan O’Brien and Matt Emerson bring you Tips, Tools, & Topics to supercharge your business. They’ll share their insights along with interviews with industry thought leaders. The ethos of WBNL Coaching is helping you to align and connect so that you can prosper. The Wandering Zen segment will offer you some inspiration so that you can disconnect and recharge.

Your hosts are Jan O’Brien and Matt Emerson are Co-Founders of WBNL Enterprises, LLC where they operate several online real estate training programs and websites via www.WBNLCoaching.com and www.WanderingButNotLost.com

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Episode 1

Key Points/Takeaways

  • Overview of our show format (3 segments – WBNL 52 tip of the week, Main Topic or Interview and Wandering Zen travel tips
  • How to look back on your year and find the joys, wins and success moments as well as lessons learned
  • Tip:  Go to Facebook or other social media platforms you use and your camera roll to jog your memory
  • Set Your Intentions and Focus for the New Year
  • Finding your zen place (happy spot) to find your alignment and connection
  • Insights into experiencing Yosemite Valley and National Park
  • Being in the moment and enjoying what you are seeing and experiencing (puddle reflections, tiny flowers)



WBNL 52 Tip – Celebrate Your Successes and Set Your Intentions for 2018

My Path 2018

Introducing Wandering Zen – Yosemite NPS and Sedona, AZ


Mentioned in the Episode (Resources & Links)

  • How to Reflect & Celebrate Your Success in 2017  (Download)
  • Set Your Intentions and Focus for the New Year  (Download)

  • MY PATH 2018 – Free Download and Instruction GuideThis Guide Book is your instruction manual for the editable MY PATH pdf document. You can enter your information right in the PDF or if you prefer, print it out and write directly on the pages as desired.
    • Year in Review
    • Brainstorming/ Mind Mapping
    • Long Term Goals
    • This Year’s Focus is
    • My 333 for 2018
    • The Details
    • 333 Monthly Roadmap
    • My Business Pipeline
    • My Project Pipeline
    • My Weekly Roadmap
    • My Daily Roadmap
    • Quarterly Tune-Up


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