In Episode 122 of the Wandering But Not Lost Podcast, cohosts, Jan O’Brien and Matt Emerson discuss how June is your 2020 reboot month!  Time to reevaluate your business plan and set new goals for the rest of the year.  The market is much stronger than anticipated and those who embrace it will thrive during the rest of the year.  In a modified Wandering Zen, Matt talks about his recent experience during a cross-country flight during COVID-19.


June is Your 2020 Reboot!

1. Mindset Check
a. Regulate how much time you spend watching/reading news, media, and social media
b. Do your morning routine!
c. What’s your healthy outlet to find balance?  Walking, hiking. Biking, yoga, meditation 21 Day Visualization Project
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Report Card Day!  Jan, here’s your Report Card from the “School of Life.”


  • Compassionate – A+  (gives of self, even when no one’s looking) 
  • Intuitive – A+  (naturally gifted) 
  • Ability to see from others’ perspectives – A+  (practically goes out of the body) 
  • Spiritually alert – A+  (aura beginning to glow) 
  • Resilient and adaptable to unexpected change – A+  (like the Energizer Bunny) 
  • Terminally optimistic – A+  (fast rebounder) 
  • Exercises gratitude muscle – A+  (your cup to be refilled x 7) 
  • Good looking – A+  (a real hottie)
  • Patient and kind to self – hmm, A  (could play a little more)
  • Visualizes every day…
  • Performs random “acts of faith” in line with dreams…

Jan, you’re amazing! Aced the very toughest courses in time and space! Now, since the last two subjects are the easiest, you get to grade yourself! 


The Universe

2. Housing Market …we are not in a housing crisis!  
a. Inventory remains low = seller’s market = prices staying steady or increasing in certain price points sue to the demand
b. The quick rebound from the Late March – April dip 
c. Focus on Listings!

3. Adjust Your 2020 Business Plan
a. Realign SMART GOALS for June-Dec 2020
b. Adapt your business to leverage tech, video conferencing, COVID-19 protocols NOW
c. What are your target markets, niches?
d. Where can you make adjustments in your connections and marketing?
e. Are you fully leveraging your CRM and other systems so you can focus on building relationships and providing value to your clients
f. Refresh your marketing message and Unique Value Proposition 


Next week – Key Takeaways from Inman Connect 

 Client Focused, Tech Powered

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